The Divorce Preparation Process

Whether you retain an Attorney or go Pro Se, you need to prepare for your divorce. How you prepare will have a significant effect on your financial outcome.

Organize your paperwork:

You will need to organize contracts, receipts, bank statements, retirement account information, tax returns, and anything else having to do with financial matters.

This is best done in a 3 ring binder in order from newest to oldest. Everything must be separated by tabs that correlate with an index. Everything you say needs to be backed up with the appropriate evidence in a manner that a Lawyer or Judge can follow easily. Having this done before you retain a Lawyer will most probably save you hundreds to thousands of dollars, depending on the complexity of your divorce.

Legal Issues:

There are many legal issues that should be handled by a Lawyer, however you can get legal advice for free from a Lawyer of the Day at the local District Court. You can also get the answers you are looking for on the internet. While only a Lawyer can give you legal advice, most legal issues have simple answers on the internet.

Emotional Issues:

Getting divorced can be among the most devastating experiences a person can have in a lifetime. This is especially true if it is a contentious divorce. I have seen people behave in ways totally out of character. Some people are so angry that they let their anger cloud their good judgment. When you work with someone like myself, I keep you focused on what is important rather than allowing you to self destruct. Due to the fact that I understand your issues, I am usually available by phone 24/7 to help you sort things out during a crises.