How Much Does Divorce Preparation Cost?

My fee is $250.00 an hour. You control the cost by doing as much as the work as you can yourself. I will do as much as you want me to. For example, the following are items you will need to provide to a lawyer and or the court:

1. A time Line.
2. Copies of all previous court judgments, affidavits, court orders, agreements, complaints, etc. You can provide these or you can go to the court and copy, or I can go to the court to make copies.
3. Financials – you can fill out your financials, or I can do it with you or for you.
4. Evidence to back up your claims. These will be in the form of credit card statements, bills, pay checks, w-2 forms, etc.
5. Organization of your documents. This will be in the form of 3 ring binders with tabs, a table of contents, etc.

Time charged typically includes time in meetings with you, communicating by phone or writing, and drafting the Separation (ie Divorce) Agreement. I will also refer you to an experienced Family Law Attorney if necessary. Typically I attend the meeting with you and the Attorney and follow up to make sure you are getting what you are paying for.

My fee does not include any court filing fees. Also, if I do refer you to an Attorney, I do not get any compensation for doing so. I have found that the more prepared you are the better your chances of a more positive outcome if you go to trial. The better prepared you are, the more money you will save in legal costs to a Lawyer. The better prepared you are the better are your chances if you are Pro-Se.