Your life is going great

Everything is on track for a peaceful and predictable future. Then one day you find yourself in the black hole of divorce. You have ventured into the "Twilight Zone" of the Family Court System.

It may be your choice, your spouse's choice, or a mutual decision. Massachusetts is "No Fault Divorce".

Most people do not prepare for their divorce. Until you are involved in the process, you think that the system will protect you. You think that the system is fair. You think that because the law is on your side a Judge will rule in your favor.

You have many questions:

How do I prepare?
What legal terms do I need to be familiar with?
Do I seek mediation, or do I need a lawyer?
If I need a lawyer, what kind of lawyer?
Do I need a "Pit Bull", or a negotiator?
Whether I need a lawyer or use the process of mediation, what kind of paperwork will I need to supply?
Who can I talk to who understands my situation?
How does the court process work?
I am told the Alimony Law has changed, how will it affect me?
How long will I get alimony, or how long will I have to pay alimony?

So many questions, so many right decisions to be made.

The new law contains specific guidelines and structure. I helped write the law, and have been credited with the ability to listen and bring all parties to an amicable agreement .After going thru a very difficult divorce, I have now become a mediator. I am widely acknowledged as an expert on the changes.

As a consultant, I will educate you on how to interview an attorney, find a GAL, a Parenting Coordinator, and any other professionals you may need. I will educate you on how to prepare for your divorce, and help you to develop a strategic plan. If you are eligible for a modification under the changes of the law, I will educate you on the changes and help match you up with the best lawyer for your situation.